Showcased Models

Although were shooting in the New York and New Jersey area for a number of years we found a number of models locally.  In addition to our shoots, we had contracted two other photographers to shoot for us.  Glen Bradley in LA who shot for mens magazines and the porn industry and one in New Jersey who goes under the name Mike Hammer.  I have selected the best of the models for this Showcase Page.

We have 3D slides, prints and even some video that we shot for our own use, but will release some of it on this site soon in our sampler video. Visit our 3D slide intro page here.



Our House Model & Assistant

Ariel Austin was discovered when she was attending junior college and needed to earn some extra money.  She came looking for a job as our assistant and once we saw her rack, we convinced her that she could earn more showing her talent in another way.

Soon she began to love the modeling, being in front of the camera and knowing that she would be turning guys on when they saw her images.  Before long she was modeling for a few select other photographers and became our House Model and photographers assistant.  We also discovered that she had always wanted to be with another woman, but never tried it until one day when we were shooting another one of our favorites Erika Kole.  They both took to each other and before long Ariel was no virgin when it came to girl on girl love.  As you can see in that first set we shot of her and Erika both girls enjoyed their experience and it would not be the last one for Ariel.

You can purchase some of her solo slides as well as her girl/girl sets with Erika, then it was Lida and finally with Carrie.

Jen Marie

Modeled As A Child

JenMarie was a local model we found online and discovered that she was a beautiful child and modeled for children’s clothing companies.  Little did her friends and family know that she took her modeling career in another direction as she got older. Jen was truly one of the nicest and sexiest models I have photographed.  She was a true pro and any poses I asked her to take she did without a question.  She was such a lady that I had trouble asking her to get really nasty.  She had the perfect figure and long beautiful legs and as you can see her face is well a 10.

I was able to shoot her in 3D, did some video for our use and 35mm for 4X6 full color glossy photos. See her 3D Slide Sets


Our Czech Model

She was born in Eastern Europe but moved to New York with her family many years ago. Bianka was a receptionist in a doctors office and wanted to model for photographers. It was in the early 2000’s when we met her and talked to her about being in some of our 3D slides, photos and some videos that we would sell on the internet.  She was happy to meet me in my car at a dounut place’s parking lot and we did a little interview in the car.

It was apparent that she was a natural and  not shy about her full C cup bust.  Soon to a vacant home under construction we went to do a test video and from there we met on two other occasions to shoot her in 3D.  We have her first set in the huge bathtub and our final shoot was in the bedroom where she really let go, Bianka sent on to pose for other photographers and then she was gone…We have a nice selection 3D slides and a group of gorgeous 4X6″ glossy prints from the bedroom set.


Gent & Juggs Model

I found Keli working at the local one hour photo lab that was processing all of my work.  She was only 20 years old and wore an oversized sweatshirt or blouse at all times. She asked me about the models I was shooting and wanted to find out more about modeling.  I told her that Valentines Day was coming up and I would be happy to shoot some sexy shots she could give to her boyfriend.  Needless to say that first shoot was a success and she became our new house model in the early 1990’s.  At that time I was selling some of my sets to some of the men’s magazines and I knew that Gent and Juggs would love Keli with her natural and firm “Double D’s” or were they “E’s” I get confused.

We did her Gent Set in the Den and the Jugg’s Set in the Bedroom and we also have a great bathroom set as well.  The models on this page are our HOUSE MODELS, that means we regularly shot them on spec for the magazines and of course for our 3D customers.  Kelli is available in 3D and Print.  Be sure to stock up on her images now, we are starting to sell out of some of them.

China Barbie


I found her on one of the model sites and was surprised when she walked in. She had just turned 18, was full of fun and ready to get down and dirty.  She told me her father was black and her mother was Chinese and I can tell you that she had the best of both of them.  Beautiful long black hair, fantastic sexy body and face and world class young, natural and beautiful breasts.  It didn’t take long for her to get undresses and begin to play on the bet and in sexy cut out panty hose.  We shot for a few hours, only once, but frankly, I would have hired her over and over again, but I knew it would be long before she found an agent and went on to do hard core porn.

We have great 3D slides, beautiful 4X6 glossy photos and caught her on video too…this will be in our demo reel on the site soon.


As A Blond

Elkie comes from Philadelphia but we still consider her in our New Jersey Models shoots because she came to us.  She was a barmaid in Philly and wanted to pick up some extra money modeling.  What a great attitude and ready to get nasty.  She wouldn’t do porn, but she had no problem masturbating for us and she was dripping by the time we were starting to shoot.  Some models get so excited just being in front of a camera knowing that guys will be jerking off looking at their photos and slides.

In this set we shot 3D slides, 4X6 Photos and have some video too…that will also be in our demo reel.


As A Brunette

Now Elkie was ready to shoot our second set as a Brunette.  She was full prepared for each role she was going to play and frankly we were pleasantly surprised because she brought her one outfits, wigs and did her own make-up.  In this grouping she is in the bedroom and shoving her dildo everywhere it could go.  I loved working with Elkie, but generally, we only shoot a model once, unless she is local and can come down when we have an opening or a model didn’t show.  I loved working with Elkie, so she has now won her place in the Best of New Jersey Collection.

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