Only Two Sets Available – Bambi & Tracy and Rick & Stacy – Stunning 3D Prints

These are my side-by-side stereo images and can be viewed in 3D with a few simple steps.

 Here’s is how to view them either side by side cross-eyed, which is the way I view them.

1. Step back about a foot away from the screen
2. Cross your eyes until it looks like four images that are side-by-side.
3. Slowly uncross your eyes until the two innermost pictures start to overlap.
4. When you see the two innermost pictures overlap completely, shift your focus on the image in the middle until you see the picture in 3D.

Here is more info with samples on another website.

Each Pair Measures 4″ X 7.75″

Since we made color prints from many of our 3D slide negatives, we decided to put some together in pairs so they can be viewed as prints in 3D.

Only two sets were produced this way. These are our Hollywood Glamour photographer Glen Bradley’s works. Very limited you must buy some just to see how great they look without the need of any 3D glasses or viewers.

Email us with the items you would like to order and we will confirm the total cost including the shipping and handling fees.

Only $10 per pair you pick the ones you want.

Note: Some X-Rated Prints are $3 each…as you mouse over those images you will see the price.  All others are 20 for $30.

Gallery 210

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0002_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0002_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0003_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0003_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0004_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0004_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0005_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0005_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0006_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0006_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0007_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0007_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0008_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0008_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0009_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0009_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0010_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0010_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0011_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0011_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0012_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0012_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0013_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0013_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0014_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0014_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0015_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0015_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0016_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0016_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0017_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0017_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0018_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0018_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0019_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0019_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0020_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0020_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0021_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0021_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0022_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0022_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0023_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0023_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0024_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0024_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0025_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0025_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0026_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0026_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0027_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0027_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0028_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0028_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0029_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0029_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0030_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0030_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0031_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0031_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0032_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0032_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0033_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0033_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0034_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0034_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0035_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0035_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0036_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0036_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0037_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0037_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0038_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0038_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0039_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0039_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0040_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0040_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0041_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0041_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0042_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0042_a

  • 3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0043_a

    3D Pairs-Bambi-Tracy_0043_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0001_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0001_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0002_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0002_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0003_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0003_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0004_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0004_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0005_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0005_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0006_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0006_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0007_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0007_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0008_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0008_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0009_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0009_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0010_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0010_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0011_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0011_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0012_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0012_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0013_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0013_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0014_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0014_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0015_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0015_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0016_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0016_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0017_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0017_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0018_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0018_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0019_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0019_a

  • 3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0020_a

    3D Pairs-Rick+Stacy_0020_a