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We hope you will find this an exciting experience and one that is unique on the internet.  For over 50 years we have been producing Realist format 3D Slides, 35mm slides, 3D Lenticular prints and exciting photographs.

We have shot and produced many other photographic products for those that appreciate beautiful, sexy women.  Our photo products range from glamour to X-Rated and you will find a vast selection of products on this site.

We started our journey in glamour and erotica over 50 years ago and you will find vintage black and white photos shot in the mid 1960’s.  Take a tour of the site, view some of our photo galleries and our free Anaglyphic 3D galleries in color and also in black and white.  Make sure you have your red and blue 3D glasses ready and enjoy the show.


We have found that buyers prefer to select the specific 3D slides by model and pose.  So to that end, we have scanned every Realist slide in our inventory.  Over 40 models and just about 3,000 slides.  This was an huge undertaking, but we think you will like this new way to buy our slides.  Visit our “Featured 3D Slides” section of the side to view every model and every slide in our inventory.

We have also restructured the costs based on a number of factors.  The cost for production of the sets, this includes cost of models, photography, processing and mounting slides and of course the inventory we now have.  Slides are set at $10 or $15 per slide.  Remember, each slide is hand mounted in heat sealed Pic-Mount  cardboard mounts.

If you love 3D, you will love seeing the exciting slides in our collection. Remember, our slides are the highest quality available in the world due to our unique processing techniques. 

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