Our Realist Slides

How We Produce Them

  • How were these slides shot?

    If you read our blog post and see our cameras for sale, you will see that our Realist slides were all shot with reconditioned Realist F3.5 cameras.  We shot on fine grain color negative film, usually Kodak 25-100 ASA film and at time Fujifilm.  We used studio lighting in all of our shoots to achieve the proper lighting giving us the best results.  Unlike many amateur slides you see sold today or in the past, these were shot by professional photographers using professional lighting and antique reconditioned Realist cameras.

  • Will your slides keep their color over the years?

    Yes. You can read our blog post that describes the process we use to produce our slides. We have shot rolls and produced slides starting in the early 1990’s using this production method and they still look as vibrant and in the same condition they were when we first received them from the lab.  You will read how our slides are actually contact printed onto movie film stock that is stronger then regular transparency material and made to withstand projection through the bright light of projectors, Here is information from Wikipedia about this film print stock used:

    “Modern polyester-based stocks are far more stable by comparison and are rated to last hundreds of years.”

  • What type of mounts are used for your 3D slides?

    PicMount heat sealed mounts are used. We were able to obtain a commercial heat seal mounting press from Seary many years ago.  With the Pic-Mount heat seal mounts were were able to do an accurate job of mounting and sealing our slides. Unlike troublesome slip in mounts, adhesive or other mounts, our slides will hold up for many years provided they are not abused or stored improperly.

  • How many 3D pairs can you get on a roll of 36 Exposure 35mm Film?

    26-27. A full frame 35mm slide or negative takes up 8 sprokets on a roll of film (288 total) and a Realist format slide take 5 sprokets per image or 10 for a pair.  So in an ideal situation you might get as many as 28 pair, but depending on how many shots you take to load the film in the camera will give you a different final result.  We can usually average around 26-27 good pairs.  Of course there are always a few blank shots in a roll or bad ones, so we will average about 23-25 usable slides on a roll.

  • Can I purchase uncut rolls and mount them myself?

    We do sell some uncut rolls of film at a cost of $35-$70 per roll depending on the content and quality.  If you have the mounts and the time to mount them you can save a bundle.  However, now that Pic-Mount no longer makes the mounts and others are well hard to work with or expensive, We think at our new discounted prices it would be best to purchase the mounted slides in some of our larger lots.

Slide Sets & Assortments

Sets and Shipping

  • Amateur and Professional model slides...which ones are best?

    Each of us have our own taste when it comes to the slides we like.  Some people prefer the amateur models because these are more exciting to see women posing in the nude for the first time.  No fancy make-up, real girls, some shy, others bold and sexy doing what is real in front of our cameras.  On the other hand, many prefer the experienced models who have posed for mens magazines or have appeared in porn films or websites.  These are usually models that are not shy and are willing to do things the amateur may not be ready for.  This is why we have put together larger lots that give our customers a taste of both.

  • I am intrigued by your images and slides, what is the best way for me to get started?

    We would suggest you select one of our larger lots of assorted slides.  We will select a number of slides, depending on the size of the assortment you select and give you as broad a selection of different models. When you recieve them you can then decide which models you want to see more of and order specific slides at that time.

  • What if I prefer certain types of poses, can you select them for me?

    Yes. It is impossible for us to sell specific slides since we have thousands.  We have priced these based on our selection and the stock on hand.  If you would like to request specific poses, based on our available inventory we can try to accommodate you but there would be a 25%  up charge if we can do so.  This covers the cost of us sorting through all the slides or prints to find suitable ones for your order and for depleting our stock of those poses.

  • I don't have a Realist Viewer, do you sell them?

    We have a very limited supply of inexpensive Realist viewers for our customers that need one and a few of the Kodak and Realist used but in excellent condition lighted viewers,  You will see them listed on our site. We don’t have a lot of these, but you can find some on eBay and other sites that still have inventory.

  • How are the slide sets packed and shipped?

    All slides sets are first cleaned, then shrink wrapped and wrapped with bubble wrap and mailed in a secure parcel. These are usually shipped through the USPS to customers in the United States and international.  There is a shipping option and on larger orders, Priority Mail seems to make a lot of sense.  It comes with Delivery Confirmation and the cost for U.S. customers is quite reasonable.  International Priority Mail is quite a bit more, but on larger orders this is still the best method of shipment.

Other Questions

Categories and Tags

  • How can I locate specific products on the site?

    Because our site contains thousands of items and hundreds of slide sets and images, the best way is to use our main menu on the top of our pages and the side menu’s on many of our inner pages.  We have made it easy to locate items based on their categories, sub-categories and tags  A main category might be Realist Slide Sets and the sub-categories might be the type of set it is, the models specific body parts or other criteria.  Tags are a good way to search for even more specific information including a models name, the slides ratings R to XXX and so on.

  • I would like to order a larger assortment of different slides, tell me how?

    We have worked with many collectors who wanted a good assortment of different slides and once they received their order they reordered the models and sets they wanted more of.  We like this method so we will be posting various slide assortments on the site to accommodate these customers.

  • I am a National Stereoscopic Associaton member, do you offer any special discounts or deals for members?

    Yes. If you mention that you are a current member we offer FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $50.  On international orders we will include 3 additional slides of our choice at no cost on orders over $50

  • I am very interested in your assorted photo prints, what is the best way to order them

    You will see we have individual sets offered now and on the vintage material will try to select a nice assortment based on the type of prints you are looking for.  See our products pages for more information.

  • What if there was an error in my order or a defective product?

    Normally we will not accept returns, so it is important to look at our sample images and order the ones you want. However, we sometimes make mistakes and if it was our fault, we will cover the cost to return the product and we will ship the correct one to you on receipt. All slides and photos are checked before shipping so we do not have any defects, but should we slip up, we will of course accept it for a replacement. All Returns Must Email Us For A Return Authorization.