Over thirty years of shooting amateur and professional models in Realist format 3D slides has made us the largest source of original, quality glamour to erotic images.

Starting in the late 1980’s through the 2005, our team was actively shooting models. Over 100 models were photographed in this unique format and many were also shot in 35mm slides and prints.

Shop our site now and pick the models you like and place your orders.  You can now select the model and the posse you want no longer do you have to depend on our assorted sets.    In addition we may have your favorite model in high quality photo prints and original 35mm slides, so check and see what we have in stock. Use our “Featured 3D Model” link at the top of this page to see the full selection.

If you are a collector and want to amass a great collection, you needn’t look further. Our slides have recently resold for as much as $60 each.  What a great collectable that should only increase in value in time.  3D is now one of the hottest technologies and will continue to evolve in the coming years creating a larger market for these slides.

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Buy now before you favorite model is gone.  We have created galleries for each of our models to give you an idea of the content and poses for each.  Like a certain pose or type of shot, now you can order by model and slide.  We have scanned every slide in our inventory and you can now buy the ones you want.  Just take a look at what our slides have recently sold for on eBay.  Now two prices $10 or $15 per slide.

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