Many more 35mm slides from our late 1980’s to early 1990’s collection are featured here.  Many are limited to the scans you see here.

Want to reserve these or other slides in this section?

Write down the models name and the slide number which is unique for each slide.  Send us a message through our contact form with the slides  you would like to order.  We will confirm availability and total cost.  Because of the vast number of slides, it would be impossible to set each item up on its own order page.  We will delete those slides that have been sold to make your selection easier.

35mm Slide Price List

Prices Per Slide - Quantity Discounts Apply
Cost Per Slide or Lot1-10 11-30Over 31
Pick Your Own Slides$6.00 ea$5.50 ea$5.00 ea
Pick Your Models
We Will Pick The Slides
5.00 ea4.50 ea4.00 ea
Wholesale Lots - Dealers Welcome - Our Assortment100 @ $3.50 ea.200 @ $2.75 ea300+ @ 2.50 ea
Note: The slides you see are samples of our existing stock of each model. Most model sets will have 100-200 slides. We will select a good assortment of poses for each orderIf you need to see more of a particular model let us know.





Lisa Law 

This selection is $6 Per Slide

Luke • Limited To What Is Listed Here 

This selection is $7 Per Slide



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Please Note:  We have scanned and may have corrected these slides to give you the best representation of what they are.  We may have adjusted the color balance in some or the brightness levels which you can do as well should you wish to scan them and print the images.  Most are as you see them here,