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Over the years we have collected many 3D products.  Cameras to shoot our 3D slides, viewers to view them, collections of 3D comics, lenticular prints and other items.  Now we are cleaning house and everything, I mean everything must go.

Check out some of our products in this section of the site and take advantage of our low, low prices.

How We Shot Our 3D Slides

Factory Reconditioned By Zak

Factory Reconditioned By Zak

We used reconditioned Realist 3D Stereo cameras for all of our slide shoots.  Since loading and unloading a Realist camera does take some time, we had four Realist cameras brought back to original factory specs by Zak.  At a cost of just about $200 each, plus the cost of the camera, we felt it was worth every penny.

When you have paid a model by the hour, you better not waste precious time loading and unloading one of these cameras.  Before a shoot, I would load all four cameras and have them ready for our session.  This enabled me to simply plug another camera into our lighting set-up and continue to shoot. No need to stop and rewind or load a camera.

This method was similar to how I used to work with my HasselblaDick Tracyd camera that had removable film magazines.  You load a few and simply switch once a roll of film was shot.

Look through our store and see some 3D Comics, various Realist slide viewers, Realist cameras and other goodies.  Remember, everything will be sold, so act fast, quantities are limited.


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